Legacy code base

OSM handling

  • Ignore relations

  • Buildings outside of the specified land use areas are neglected

Implementation details

  1. Extraction of buildings

  • Buildings are ways with tag building

  • Substations are ways with key / value building:transformer_tower or power:substation

  1. Extracting land use areas

  • Land use areas are ways with tag landuse

  • Only ways with values of residential, commercial, retail, farmyard of tag landuse are accounted for

  1. Extracting highways

  • Highways are ways with key highway

  • Only ways with values of residential, unclassified, secondary, tertiary, living_street, footway, path, primary, service, cycleway, proposed, bus_stop, steps, track, traffic_signals, turning_cycle of tag highway are accounted for

  1. Building of highway distance matrix

  • Idea: Create a squared grid over the area of interest (currently 0.005 degree width / height) and assign all starting / ending highways to that cell


  • Figure out, what cutArea and plot (both boolean) mean in runtime config

  • Define a clear distinction between the graph obtained by OSM-data and the transformed one, that we need

  • Refactoring of perpendicular matrix calculation to utilize sensible variable names